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Seafight Hack tool 1.1v – gold and pearls

Seafight is a simple 2D browser-based MMORPG where players take command of a ship and sail through the high seas. Complete quests to earn gold, purchase new vessels and cannons and blast other players out of the water. Nearly all areas in Seafight have an open PvP rule set, so be sure to join a clan and travel with friends.


Publisher: Bigpoint
Playerbase: High
Graphics: Poor
EXP Rate: Slow
PvP: Yes – Open
Filesize: None

Pros: +No download or install required. +Large player base. +2 week premium service trial. +Open PvP.

Cons: -Poor graphics and gameplay. -Boring Quests. -Paying users receive significant advantages. -Limited content; max level of 10.

Seafight is Bigpoint’s most popular game and has a worldwide following. With 25,000+ concurrent users throughout the day, Seafight is doing something right. Like other browser based games, Seafight is a small and simple game. It’s up to the users to create their own excitement through clan wars in this PvP oriented sailing game. New players start with plenty of gold to equip their ship and take to the seas.

Seafight hack tool

Total Download:3002

About hack:
- Version 1.1v
- proxy
- adding:
1.Login on Seafight game
2. Launch Hack
3. Type Login and possword
4. Click connect
5. Enter the amount of go0ds
6. click start
7. have a nice game!

Seafight hack download

Free Thirst of Night Rubies Hack Tool

Thirst of Night Rubies Hack tool 1.0v

Thirst of Night
  • Flash based, vampire themed empire builder with typical, expected features of the genre
  • Solid strategy game but brings no innovations
  • Good quests serve as a solid tutorial
  • Reasonable number of different troops but not much else to differentiate your empire
  • Manage tax levels to bring greath wealth while maintaining strong morale
  • Visuals, sound, and music are top notch for the browser based empire builder genre
  • Will mainly appeal to vampire/horror fans and those who like playing a game when it first opens

Total download:1226

About hack:
-Version 1.0v
- Proxy
- Unlimited Rubies
1. Download hack
2. Login in the game
3. Launch hack
4. Enter the amount of rubies
5. Click Apply
6. Have a nice game

Thirst of night hack tool

Total download:1226

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