Garena Hack 2011 Working 100%

Garena Features:

1- Enable all the icons
2-Enter room without Message box and advertisement
3-Show real ping number instead of bars ( in room, in game, someone joined ur game)
4-Enable message spam in chat channel
5-increase EXP 10 times, just left the garena open, you will be level up
6-Unlimit Group Alert even you are just a normal member
9-Build in 1.20e 1.21 1.24b/c 1.24d/e Maphack feature
12-trace people's ip address
15-auto update system to ensure your garena hack is always fit the lastest garena
16- you can leave room while playing
17 - you can view gamer's ladder record while you host or join a host
18 - you can change war3 name as what ever you want
19- can see gamer record in game& in room member list in both high level room & normal room
20 Can check win &lose rate
21 Can get ladder record in high level room

Dota Features:
22 CUSTOM KICK (kick him out or lag him out)
23 lag hacK(lag a certain player and dont affect the others)
24 mute hack u can mute a certain player
25 you can Read opponent team's chat
26 rune notifier : there will be a text message describe which rune spawned at where, and also a ping will be shown on the minimap with different color deponds on the rune type
27 maphack detector
28 resourse viewer in dota
29 be able to see kunkka's torrent, sniper's ulti, sb's charge etc during the game
30 mana bar
31 safeclick - the fog clicks will be protected from detection(even in replay)
32 show gray hp bar for invisible units
33 show enemy clicks
34 show hero lines
35 show cd in numbers
36 auto dodge for heros spells the list as the following


37 Auto Dodge the spell with Eul's scepter/ Blade Mail / Puck's 3rd spell / destoryer's 3rd spell ( auto cast to yourself if met the following spell,you can put these itemsl to any slot of your inventory)
Lina ulti
Lion Ulti
VS stun
Tide Ulti
EarthShaker Ulti
sandking stun
leoric stun
Naga web
Mangous Ulti
BladeMaster Ulti
Luna Ulti
Sven stun
Barathrum Ulti
Rooftrellen Ulti
Axe call
Destoryer Ulti
Azwraith first skill
Void Ulti
Zeus Ulti
Gondar First skill
Venomancer Ulti
Naga Ulti
Centuar stun
slardar stun
panda stun
ShadowFrench ulti
38 the following heros will use its skill rather than item to dodge the strikes

39 lock random seed
this feature is implemented for locking the random result in warcraft3 game,for example : -rd herolist, -sp player position, first rune spawning location and type etc etc
in order to use it
1 : you must be the host
2: you should set up a number on the random seed, if you set it to NULL then it will become real randoming
3 you should enable Hack function (ctrol+F8/F9) before you gose into a game


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