BLACK OPS HACK PACK V3.4 latest version till now

We know you’re looking for Black Ops Cheats for call of duty. If you’re excited to use these cheats online and become one of the highest ranked Black ops players, then please read below. There’s a few things you need to know about Black Ops Cheats and the Hack Pack Tool v3.3. Please keep reading..

Recently, we have discovered the black ops cheats hack pack v3.3 has been abused on live play. Immediately, our team decided we would place a human verifier in the download link to protect the bot from being linked in other places. This will ensure you are always using the best black ops cheats hackpack v3.3

I’m delighted to introduce you to Black Ops Cheats Hack Pack v3.3 and the four steps you need to follow for successful cheating online:

Systems Supported – Xbox360, PS3, PC, Wii

Custom Mods – UFO, no gravity, shotguns with camo, aimbot, hold 3 weapons, have 4 perks, have UAV on always, laser sight, nuke in package 100%, automatic everything, automatic shotguns, out of bounds barrier OFF, nuke requires 3 killstreak, Gold AK:47, unlock desert eagle, perfect aim
unlimited predator missles, exploding gunshots, auto reload, teleport, thermal sight, message appear on screen, floating objects, automatic m16, see through walls, money modes, vision, cartoon, matrix modes, super jump, super speed.

Unlockables – all weapons, camo, challenges, emblems, titles, killstreaks, spiring 10th presetige.
Infections – Aimbot, UAV always on, laser, auto m-16
Level modifier – red/blue/green/yellow/white

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