How to Hack Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail or Any Other (Old Version)

There is a new version of this hack which is posted here. This version is also completely working but the new version is better than this one.There are different methods for Hacking Gmail or Yahoo or Orkut or Any Other site. But this method is more popular because it can be used to Hack any of the above sites just you need to make some minute changes. Moreover you don’t require any software or anything you can do it you using all the basic tools which present in a normal computer. Just follow the following steps :

  1. Open the website of HotMail or GMail or YahooMail, its your wish. If you want to HACK yahoo id, then goto
  2. Now press “CTRL+U”, you will get the source code of yahoo page. NOw press “CTRL+A” copy all the text.
  3. Open NOTEPAD, now paste it here. SAVE it as YAHOOFAKE.HTML
  4. Now open the the file yahoofake.html using noepad, here you ll find a code which starts with (form action=”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”)
  5. Delete the above code and paste the your id.
  6. Now save the file. You can test whether its working or not. Just open the yahoofake.html file and in the place of user name and password, type some thing and sign in. you will get the passwords in your mail id.. check out..
  7. NOW UPLOAD the yahoofake.html page using GOOGLE PAGE Creator or using
  8. After uploading you have to give the link to your friends, once they sign in you ll get the passwords of your friends id.


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