FREE Playstation Network (PSN) Card Generator v2 Download

FREE Playstation Network (PSN) Card Generator v2 Download

PlayStation Network Card Number Generator was requested at least 2 months ago and it was released to VIP for a month or so. We finally decided to released it to the public after testing it fully if you know what I mean ;)

The free psn codes should work for all countries which includes but not limited to United States, Europe, Canada, and Asia. During beta testing, there were instances where it wouldn’t accept our codes for Asia, but after a couple of tries you will mostly likely get a valid one. It was around a 80% chance of getting a valid psn card code which works in Asia countries, it should be 100% chance now for Asia countries. For all other countries, the codes work perfect when redeemed.

You will be able to generate free $10, $20, or $50 Playstation Network (PSN) Number Cards to redeem on the website. You can use the code amounts to buy games and many other things! As always “with great power comes great responsibility.”

You can find a sneak peek of the program, PSN Card Number Generator (also known as PSN Code Generator):

Click here to download

1. Run the PSN Code Generator. Select the amount you want to generate – $10, $20, $50.
2. Hit generate and wait for the green check mark.
3. Copy and redeem the card on the PlayStation Network (PSN).
4. Enjoy and share with your friends through Facebook liking and Share button at the end of this post. Enjoy your free PSN codes!


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