Free Monster Galaxy Cheats Hack Tool v1.5

The thing about Monster Galaxy is that it is a time-consuming facebook platform game that requires a constant internet connection and access to the computer! Do you remember the days of Pokemon, which is a pretty comparable game to Monster Galaxy already, almost an exact match. But the thing is those days when you’d cuddle up on your bed with your gameboy under your blankets, you’d play endlessly and probably be tired as heck for school the next day. You can’t do this with Monster Galaxy, which is why we’ll need to use Monster Galaxy Cheats in order to make the process quicker.

Name: Monster Galaxy Star Hack
Version: 1.5
Price: Free for Limited Time

Tutorial How to Use:
1. Download Monster Galaxy Tool v1.5 by clicking Button.
2. Open Facebook and Monster Galaxy.
3. Open Monster Galaxy Tool v1.5.
4. Write how much star coin, blue coffee and star speed do you want (blue coffee and star speed must be less then 99 ). Click "Generate" button
5. Success! Logout from facebook and log back after 2-3 minutes.

Monster Galaxy cheats works on all browsers!

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