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New Restaurant City Hacking Tool

With this specialy made cheating program for restaurant city you can do a bunch of cool things. I have checked it out and it seemed to work very well.

Liked the fact that you could get your guest to eat faster and run faster, this combined with the speedy waiters meant that i really could push out more dishes in less time.

It also had the option for one second cooking time, which is really incredible when you have lighting fast waiters and guests running around like crazy, it was like restaurant city on sterioids!

Only thing i missed was that it did not have a restaurant city money hack, but since i was serving dishes at an awesome rate it really did not bother me that much because i quickly earned alot of money for my restaurant.

It also have some cool features if you want to cheat at the quizzes. You can stop the quiz timer, and if you really want to cheat you can get the correct answer on the quiz each time. I tested it out and everything worked like a charm.

I would say that this is the easiest way of hacking restaurant city without the use of tools like cheatengine or the need for knowing hex cracking and all that complicated stuff.

So if you want an easy way of cheating in restaurant city i would say that this tool would be perfect for you. I sure have alot of fun using it.

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