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Zynga’s Treasure Isle is a profoundly simple game, but in gaming simple concepts can be the most compelling. In Treasure Isle, you are a treasure hunter who digs for treasures on deserted isles until you get tired and have to go home. You can decorate your island home and tend to your garden while you wait until you’re well-rested enough to go hunt for more treasure. That’s the sum total of what Treasure Isle has to offer.

Treasure Isle is not an original idea, of course. Treasure Isle is effectively Zynga’s version of small developer zSlide’s Treasure Madness. The look and feel of the two games is astonishingly similar, though Zynga’s version makes some important gameplay changes. Treasure Isle features no mini-games and makes acquiring treasure as simple as pointing to a tile of isle greenery and clicking on it.

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Tutorial How to Use Treasure Isle Cheat or hack tool
1. Log in to your account and go Treasure Isle
2. Download and Run the Treasure Isle hack or Cheat tool
3. Enter stats or amount you wanted to add
4. Click Start and wait until finish hacking
5. Refresh your browser and Restart Treasure Isle you will see the results

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